sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

attitude affect quality of life

I have took small break from my blog. I needed to concentrate to my book. Have to admit, that i "forgot" it for few days, and now it´s better to write again. Like small holiday ;)

But in business, attitude and guality of life. Can one do much more just a small change of attitude?? Yes! At least that works on me. I use to think, and belive me.... i did that without even realizing that i´m doing so, that i cant do this or that.

Really! I thought that i wish, i could do this or that again. Like dance.  I dream about it, but somehow i just thought..when i´m in realitionship..i need to skip my things and do something, that is serving our mutual good.

Oh, how wrong i have been! Actually now, i have gone to dance every week..i feel good, my partner in life is feeling good to do his own things and by that, we are good!

You see, this is more like my first seroius realitionship, family. When i was young, i didnt have the time. Too busy to party.. And when i got panic, i didnt go out. Then it was all about having just someone, couse it was so scary to be alone.

Now, i know, that this is my family, my future my everything. And i had sort of problems to act normal. Cuz i didnt know how! I was ready to run, if needed. I didnt knew how to handle all, good or bad. I thought that everytime there´s gonna be just hurting.

You know what?? That´s not how it goes. Now, all is good. Even if somethings gonna go wrong someday, i loved.
And...i belive in us. Who knows about tomorrow. I dont.

I know, what happens now. And now is good.

It´s all about my attitude, how i want my life to go. How i react things.
First time for years, i feel that i´m home, inside. I´m not talking about this house, i mean my soul, heart.

I havent felt this kind of peace in ages. Not since my mom past away... 20years ago. :)


So, i´m sending my love to you all

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