torstai 11. lokakuuta 2012

And life is what i live

After few walks, my mind is more.. Stabile. And Launna, true, that is good for all of us :)

I looked back, what has happend in.. I think 1year. I learned so much about human nature. Something i was'nt ready. Or wanted. But, nessesary i belive. Some meaning.. what, i will know someday.

just one thing i have to Say about that: gruelty is with us, and i let that come in my life.
Now, a bit wiser.. Not part of my life anymore.
I dont explain that more, i think that everybody has some experience about human nature, when it's just purely mean.

I want my life to be something more than lies, or blaming Others. It has to be pure, honest and nothing to do with drama. Or twofaces.
This truly is my life, i have had my share of drama and that's enough.

If i look even more back.. I see a woman, who has gone thru Hell and back, did that So many times. And Still Standing!
So, i guess i can say i'm strong. And my destiny is Still unknown.
That is good, cuz life goes forward. Is it here, there or everywhere, that's something to look for.

These thoughts were first, what i was dealing. And yes, there is more to come ;)
But just for starters..
I really do hope, that you got my point..

with love

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