tiistai 25. syyskuuta 2012

wanna be better

Yep, that´s always good. Man can develop good or bad.

That title.. that can mean so much, but here it means..wanna be better, no matter what. Wanna be something more than I am. Wanna be new character.

And that´s sad. That´s..living in lie. If you cant be proudly what you are..mirrow is a good friend to look then.

New people, new character. New status. New past. New stories.
Telling a lie when you already know the truth.
Leaving all the mess behind. Someone cleans up, I´m sure.

What is so wrong with pure truth? Is it too ugly..
No, truth is always beautiful!!!

Always. Lies are hurting, sometimes enough is enough.

But, that is purely choise one makes, and there´s no one to blame in the end..except that human behing mirrow..


That´s so true. When you realize that..oh well..

And now something more positive things... :) I´m having a second round with my book! That means, that I can add more details! Wow, so happy about that. Third round will be that last..so, half way!!!!

Just love to write that book, and grow with it. There are painful memories, happy, crazy..Now i see, how uch i have worked to be where I am today! Have to say..broud of that. Long and hard road, but great teacher!!!

Have a great day all
Maarit :)

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  1. I agree Maarit, we cannot live our lives with a lie... nor can we not be ourselves, hence this huge decision I have to make... be myself and change everything in my life...

    1. true, Launna...oh, you have so huge change coming up??? You are in my thoughts!


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