tiistai 4. syyskuuta 2012

something about me

I have been a bit lost. Not so much,I but bit. I started a new blog about fashion. So, i have 3 blogs. And why? Couse i have made this illusion for myself, how this blog should be.

I have made illusion, that this has to be serious all the time. And that new blog... there can be my passion, fashion. 3rd is pure panic disorder, and that is ok, couse there i can help and talk about that, and that´s that.
But 3 blogs... so, i kind of lost my way somewhere,  here guit to be totally myself. I dont have all the energy to write all 3 blogs! And, after all..this is my blog, so it shoud look like that.

So, back to be me. I´m bit sad, that i havent hade the time or energy to comment other blogs, but i have read those, you all are in my thougs!!! Tomorrow i will concentrate to that.

I went today in that awesome beautyshop, sokos emotion. Oh my!!! There are this "grazy" days, and so much products in so great price... so... i have new line in my skin care, i just tested those and love it!!!!

This was my day, couse i´m worth it ;)))

And yes, bought some clothes, couse i have few invited guests opening coming. I actually wait those for a loooong time!!! I have been here, at the country so long, that i havent put my best on. At the oak field really..not so practical :D

But! Now i have this inspiration to see people, and socialize. When i lived in capital, i got so tired about those occasions. But now i have this energy go back, and what helps.. i come back at home, in country, middle of no where. So, i have best of both. And maybe to greate some old and new business relationship for future.. never know ;)

Something new for autumn :D

But something serious too... While i was looking my way, i also noticed, that one person is trying pull me down. Weather he/she ;) wants or not. I took myself out of that situation, menthally, and saw that it´s not such a good road for me... and what has already happend, for my balance in my mind. No, no one has power to do that to me. And i´m happy to see that now, before it´s too late.

So one good bye is my to-do list now. Yes, i started my to-do list. Still just in beginning, but.. i was honest what i want to do, and not gonna loose who i am.

That, my friends, can happend so insidious, if yo are not true to youself!!! I´m gonna be just that. with my love for passion and cars, and also for filosofy... so, it´s all or nothing, right?

So, good night all. See you tomorrow,

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  1. Trying to make the right choices for ourselves is not always easy. Sometimes it takes many tries to succeed... I never truly give up:)

    1. So true, Launna, so true. And that´s a beauty of life, always something to do!


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