sunnuntai 9. syyskuuta 2012

read it from FB

Sitting here at sofa and drinking cappucino..and thinking. About this phenomenon called FB.
I mean, it´s great social media. If you use it in good. You can use it in bad effectively, too.

I dont write much there about my personal things, not my realitionship, not any people. Not taking too much political stand. I use it to to communicate with my friends, and for relax.

Sad is, that sometimes my wall is full of couples, who´s fight thru FB. Or, making someone feel bad by writing something personal. Also, it´s great place to have friends all over the world. But! If you have to turn your self something else..well, then that purpose turns up bad.

And..there´s a change to have a love affair,too. Without no one knows. It gives us both freedom and responsibility.

And gossips, so easy to read those from FB.

But, is there too much power already? Almost everywhere you wanna register your self, needs to have FB account.

I know few, who dont use FB, and they are pretty pissed off sometimes, couse they just dont want to have account, and it´s like they are forced to.

I can undestand that. I use FB every day, i admit. I talk with friends, who lives longer. Ok, or closer. Saving some phonemoney ;) Normally i wanna see my friends, but if time is short, oh well...

Or is it becouse it´s too easy to go FB? I remember, when i was kid, we did´nt have even self phones, and we did good! No computers, no games... ok, of couse its progress, and it´s good!

Sometimes i just miss not having FB. It´s up to me, i know that too, not to use it. But... couse i know that it exist, i just need to go there.. I´m weak!!

I know my friends things couse i read it from FB... and same time i feel kind of shamed. Like i was spying, even it was out there, in the wall... Woh...

That is part of  being human, i think..curiosity.

Sometimes its good, hurts. Like life? I think i have love/hate relationship for FB....

This is just me thinking... :)
Have a great day all,

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  1. Maarit, FB espõe our lives, but we have to learn to use it.
    I like to share my work on it and keep up with my friends and relatives who are far away.

    1. Jagueline, So true! :) It's awesome Tool, and love to read your work also from there.
      I need to Work my time during FB and rest Of my time. It is up to me, true!


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