tiistai 11. syyskuuta 2012

It´s all right

Life.. :) What ever it may hold, it´s all right..Cant be better, cant be worse, couse i this is the life i have chosen.

No need to cry for yesterday, no need to dream about tomorrow. Living here&now is the best thing for me.

But that dosent mean, that i dont do any fantasizing!! Oh no, of course i do! I have dreams, i have passions, and belive me: good imagination! ;)

Sometimes i love to just lost myself in some story, what i develope in my head...That story can go way back in time.. maybe back in time, when pirates exists??

Wow..what a thought..Me and pirates..wohou!! Or...how about Scotland, way back in time..Or where ever you wanna go and what you wanna be..and what ever you want that in your story is all about. Romantic? Yes, action? Everything and all!!!!

Best part is.. i can come back here, home, present time...

I look at the window, and i see that beautiful sun..she is going to sleep and giving some room to moon and stars..That light is coming thru some trees.. so gorgeous! I will say good night to sun, and welcome to night.

My family is tired after jogging, i listen music, write and drink some cappucino...like i said..
Its all right :)

Have a great evening every one

3 kommenttia:

  1. I love dreaming, you can make the story whatever you want it to be:)

  2. Passei para ver o seu blog, confesso que adorei, gostei muito. Sugiro que faça uma visita ao meu blog também: http://inkdesignerstampas.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so Manoel.. i´m so happy about that. And i will, of course :)


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