maanantai 3. syyskuuta 2012

good morning world

Here i am.. it´s 6.44 am.. I have been up 2h already.  Belive me, for me that´s not normal!
I dont know, mind was rolling over whole night.
Sometimes, there are things..that need´s to take either forward...or stop.

Like people around you. Some are good, some makes you feel ..sad. And no matter what you do, it continues like that. So, there comes that thing, when something has to be done about that.

Some peoples are ment to be in your life, some are passing by. All of them has some reason, and after that.. let´s smile and go on with our lifes.

I have tryed to listen my heart, but sometimes i think that i fill myself with pretty pics.
And no, this is not about my partner in life! No, no...about one friend.

There has been good times..and not so good. But, that dosent matter now, that bad-part.. One can learn from another so much, and i have.

Oh, yes i know...what i have to do, but aint always so easy!

One thing i know for sure: every people, who passes my life, has a special place in my heart. And i belive, meaning.

So, good morning world :))
Maarit (Peter Pan ;))

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  1. Everyone is in our life for a reason, sometimes we have to let them go when it would be better for us... sometimes that is very hard. I had a supposed good friend for a little over 20 years but I had to admit that I was a much better friend that she was and I had to end our 'friendship'.

    1. That is so true... sometimes its so sad, but maybe there´s something that we have learned from them.. That was long time you to be that better friend..


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