lauantai 8. syyskuuta 2012

emotional inhibitions

I read from one magazine today about this woman, who is working as a journalist and writer. She told in that article, that she have hade some problems with new people, or e.g seminars.
Lots of people, some are laughing, and some are looking their phone like there is something soooo important.

Well, i´m one of those, who´s hiding behind her phone.

I do feel bothered so often, even there is just people i know! Like i dont know, how to talk. Like..i dont belong there? So funny, couse i have kept me so social...

I havent gone ANY tupperware party, never ever, couse that kind of event makes me feel so weard. I have been similar, and it was like hell to me!! I really didnt knew what to say, and if i said souded so silly.

I thought, that i´m alone with this problem, UNTILL this woman told her story. She had seen some therapist, and he told about this thing "emotional inhibitions".

I havent read about that much YET but surely i will! That, what she wrote.. as just like i feel!

Then i started to think, why i feel like i feel. Like i have told, i had good childhood. No alcohol, no But. Now, when i look back... i have been independent. Since..oh well, i remember! Like 5years...

My mom and dad were at the work, always. So i learned to take care of me. And played alone. I actually enjoyed that.

Yes, i had lots of friends, i always have had. But... at home.. no hugs much. My mom was strong, she had to. She was having a bit different childhood. And my dad..he crew up thinking that work is everything. And it was. He drove truck, and travelled a lot.

So....was i too independent too soon? Yes, i was. And i think that it is affecting my life this way.

It was like a lamp was having lit!!! And this feeling, i think that i need to do some reading..and thinking. Maybe open few locks?

I´ll write more about this, definitely! First, some food and reading.. ;)

So true!!
Have a great day all

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  1. Sometimes our children grow up too quickly, I have worked hard to let Valentina be a little girl for as long as possible. Andrea grew up to quick, I hope your feeling better Maarit:)

    1. So true, so true :)) And yes i am! I looked from google about that, and wow, it´s normal ;)) Thank you :)


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