maanantai 17. syyskuuta 2012

beautiful thoughts

There´s a rule for life.
It needs to be lived.
What ever you do, what you did just a secound ago
What you are gonna do next..
You live.
Even if you feel depressed,
you are alive.
You feel good,
you are alive.
I say, that it is so good start to live your life.
To realize, that every breath you take..
You are living your life.
You feel ungry..
That, my friend, i called emoution.
And that are alive.
Why is that so good to realize? Because by understanding that..
You know, that you are free to live
Free to be you
Free to breath this universes air
And are not alone.
We all breath that same air
We all are here together
We are alive!
Lets enjoy that,
because you will never know, when your time is to go
And that, is another adventure.
Have s great day all,

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