perjantai 21. syyskuuta 2012

Beautiful life

I'm sitting outside, in terrace and just am here. I see my dogs enjoying the fall sun, I see so many different colors in trees.. and I relax. This moment is perfect!

Like every moment is, even it dosent always feel like that. But, like i have said so many times before, and gonna say.. Everything is here and now. Gonna make best of all the moments!

Next i'm gonna do apple jam! I did pick apples before and those are waiting for me. That's actually fun, to do jams. And that awesome smell in kitchen... ;))

Oh yeah! Have to tell you, l' m starting to ride again! With horses :D not bike, too cold.
I rode much, when I was younger. But like so often, something else came up.. Like few party e. g ;)
But yeah, 3.10 gonna start. Jesh! Little nervous, in a good way. And bonus is, that stable is close to me, So... I Can go to See those horses often. Like a little girl!

Now l

So now i'm gonna work On those apples. if this looks funny, i wrote with my phone and it did something...Weard while i was writing, so i hope that it Comes out looking just good! Have a awesome day all Maarit

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  1. The apple jam sounds delicious Maarit, have fun making it;) I am enjoying making candy right now, I make it for my 'D' ;)

  2. Oh, candy!!! That sounds sooo good!!!! D is very happy.... ;))))


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