perjantai 31. elokuuta 2012

Why Why

What do I want in my life..That, my friends i think here at Sofa.. I listen good music from spotifly and just relax.

Is it easyer to ask, what I dont want? To say NO things that i dont need.. And from there i Can see things i want. Not maybe today, but with time.

I dont want.. Conflicts. I dont need fites. I dont want cold relationships. I Will Say no to lies!

Now.. there's a Start. Big issues! Why i'm thinking about these things.. I noticed yesterday, that i miss Something. Not someone, something. I miss AZ. Why? I really dont know. Here in Finland is my favorite time, autumn. I have always loved this time.

But.. today, when i took my dogs out to walk.. l felt Wind blowing in my face. It remind me about Sierra Vista.. Why? I have noticed that i escape so many times in my dreams during day.. and many times in that wordeful desert. Horses..sand..wild nature..I just, damn!

I love my home, Finland and my family! And half of me is back there.. in wild wild west. It's like some magic on me, Spell! something is calling me So srongly. Like there's my home? But my home is here?

When i was there, it felt so familiar to me.. Like i have had been there before, in good old times...So silly, yes?

I just can't help that feeling.. to go away. If i See movie from that area, i can feel pain and joy at the same time.. one lonely tear is falling From my eye..

And when i close my eyes.. I See those mountains.. Clouds above them..

Yeah, I miss back there.. damn.

Oh well.. need to continue my Journey, What I want..

Have a great day all

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  1. Hi Maarit, it is always good to take stock of our dreams, that is usually where our passion is hidden:)

    1. Launna, you are so right about that!!!! :)) Thank you... hugs!


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