sunnuntai 5. elokuuta 2012

under the same sun

Indeed.. so we are. And still so far away. Is there a good reason for that?

There are people, who hardly know each others, and still  can feel so close...
People, who are insame country, same city... and yet, so far away.

One is vegetarian, one eats We are still just..humans, under the same sun. Not better,not worse.

I do miss few person, a lot. But, somehow i still belive, that when time is right..we are all together.

I dont wanna grow like building my fences, i dont. But.. life has been such a good teacher, that i grow those anyway. I protect myself...

Sometimes.. i wanna break down those.. but something´s still holding me back. I know, it´s me, and i dont know.. if i let loose, will there be a disaster????

Probably not, but i´m too carefull.

Why i cant give a be even more open? Of course there´s a limit, how open one is to another, some privacy have to be.

But..I have always been open to everybody, wanted so much to learn  from others. Being open to other opinion. Can I try to understand more?? Yes, always is that change to learn more.

This Tellus of´nt SO big, that i can say we are so different that others around the world, but big enough to keep so many cultures, ways to live inside..

So. I wanna be more open to those, who are in my life already, and learn from each and everyone new. With respect. :)))

And, if this wasnt so logical...well, i just enjoyd to write ;)) Not think, what i write...

Have a great day

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  1. Maarit, I missed you... I have been going through something very difficult... just hoping I will get through this latest challenge... somehow.

    1. Launna, missed you too! Hope you are ok???


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