tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

treat me like a dog

And yes, i say this with positive attitude!!!

I have 2 dogs, and a cat. I was thinking today, how happy they seem to be. That look in their eyes.. so full of love and confidence... they know, that i will always treat them the best way i can. When i´m in sofa, they lie down with me, cat also ;). And i have to say, i feel so calm.

Older dog came for me from bad place, he was so afraid..about everything. On the alert, all the time. Now?? I have to wake him in the mornings to go out ;D

So...i have done something right to win his trust. Or actually oll of them. Even that grazy (and that came from love) cat..talking with me sooo much. And she was wild cat, when she came here....

I realized just today, why i dont do that same thing with humans?? I mean, listen... not always words, body language! That can tell so much.. If one is pushing me down, why he/she is doing that?? There is some reason, always. Maybe fear.. of lonelyness..

And..also listen myself. I drew small image today, while i was sitting out, and i realized, that it was my actions lately. I have being like a ping pong ball..bouncing here and there...And for what?? Couse i had a problem to figure out, am i more spiritual, or superficial.

And why I wondered that..couse i just love clothes! Fashion, make ups...SO!!! Those dont fit together?? Right?? Wrong!!!!!!! ´

There´s nothing wrong to have passions. No one cant say to other, whats right or wrong thin to like..

Afterall.. I am me. Like i put in my FB status today, one have to get lost really good, so she can find her way back ;)))

I have this filosofy about few things..first( i know, i have said this before) word need. Need...are you sure?? Can it be more like want..

I NEED this and that.. what defines most of your needs?? You. And why?? Couse you want something. And there´s NO shame about that.. just huge difference between need and want. I need food. But i want those shoes!! ;)) You get, what i mean??

My pack ;))) <3

Have a great day all


4 kommenttia:

  1. I love cat!!!
    I have 6 cats, rs;
    Kisses, my dear!

  2. Your animals are gorgeous Maarit :). You are right, it's okay to want things occasionally, there is nothing wrong with that:)

    1. Than you Launna :)) They are my babys ;)) Yes, it´s us being humans ;) and sometimes e.g new shoes just makes feel sooo good! ;)


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