torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

peace with my past

Yes, I´m gonna make that.
And I´m gonna make more!
I´m gonna love my past.
Gonna use it to some good,
Not gonna let it bring me down.
I´m gonna make it to my lover,
Gonna love every bad memory so much
that those just strangle
and become my passion
my strength.
I dont care, how bad..
I dont care how ugly..
I dont care how sad...
Gonna make those mine.
Remember and win.
Gonna face every single one
one by one
make it mine.
Gonna turn those badness
make it my source of power.
Not my excuse.
In this story
is only a winner.
And it´s gonna be me!
Not those, who hurt me
when i was 6
when i was 14
not those when i was older.
I´m gonna be the one,
who´s taking leadership
in MY life.
And i´m happy, but i´m gonna be even happyer.
Gonna make new memories
Ones i like
Ones, i choose.
Living, loving and learning.
That´s what i owe to myself.
That´s how much i´m gonna love myself.
That´s what i´m worth!!
So, that´s it for today ;)
Have a great day all

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