tiistai 28. elokuuta 2012

one of those days

Yep.. My brains are stuck. Really. I wanted to write something wise, but...no can do now, and still, i just wanted to write, couse i love writing.

So, what i´m gonna write about? What i see? I see trees, many of thise trees. Spruce trees, birchs, maples.. wind is shaking the leafs. I can  see appletree, that reminds me to go and get some at home. I see the sky, a bit dark, almost like rain is coming.

I hear, really! I hear cows, neighbor has many cows, and now it´s milktime, i guess...I hear wind. And tractor..somewhere near. Bird, just stretched his/her wings..

I can smell fall..and some of the cows ;DD
I can see and smell my flowes.. belive me, i did some work with them! Now i can be proud of those ;))

My dogs, they are here, at the terrace with me. they lie on the floor, looking so calm..

I actually love this time of year, i can sit in terrace, wear sweater and put some candels...And of course, coffee...

So, that´s all i have to say to you now ;) Think i´m gonna go out and get few apples from that tree...

Some days are so good without thinking too much....
You have a great day

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