torstai 9. elokuuta 2012

new path

Yes, i need to find new path. This path, what i´m walking now, has come to end. I can feel it.
Things are just..standing, and my stomach, my nerves are done.
Oh, no, not such a dramatic way, but i´m crying so easy, and not so easy to eat. So, that´s my body telling me, that need to do something, my mind is´nt happy.

Instead looking someting to blame, I´m gonna focus all my energy to listen myself.

There are so many things i love, so many things that i desire. Not items, but feelings, things to do, to create!!!
I have always admired peoples skills to do e.g  music. Wow!!

It´s good to have home, of course. Relationship, good too. Here comes that word: BUT: if it comes to that, that i give up my dreams, and expectations are, that i sit at home??? No. Not gonna work.

So, now I´m gonna be "selfish" (that is good sometimes!!) and start to look forward. Couse only i can determine, what´s good for me, and so i have to take responsibility, too.

I started this day with migraine, but not gonna end my day with it ;))

I dont write so much now, couse... i cant see the screen so well, but.. i will be back...

Have a nice day all

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  1. It's always difficult to make changes even when you know it's time... I am there right now:)

    1. Launna, and i´m here for you!!! Thank you, my friend... :)


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