keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

new day

I started this day so differently than others. I woke up at 6am, I usually wake at 9-10am. I actually saw sun rising!! It was so guiet... Nature was woken already, and that smell!! Heavenly!!! So, I took my coffee and went to terrace, with my dogs. Just so enjoyable!

Then i did something, that i havent done for a looong time: I went to swim!!! Fast, but went anyway. Richness, when living middle of forest is, i didnt need my swimsuit, so it was just me and mother nature...Awesome feeling!!

Now, i´m in gas station writing this..

This was well made decision, couse yesterday was so awful. At night, i did´nt slept at all, and so i was in such a bad mood the hole day. I cryed, I was debressed, sad... everything, that was negative. I was actually whining with myself. So, i decided that this day is gonna be better.

I chage my attitude, starting morning. And now, it´s 10.30 am and i feel so much better!!! Belive me, so much can do by changing attitude!!!

I dont know about rest of the day, what i´m gonna do, but I do know, what i´m not gonna do: think negative! That  was´nt fun..... at all...

Sun is shining right at the screen, so sorry about misspellings, i really dont see so much :DDD
But i hope that my point came out :)))

Have a awesome day all

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  1. I love the quote Maarit, I also believe we can change our attitude even when life is difficult. I work on it daily:)

  2. That is so true Launna!!! And its not so difficult, after all:))))


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