keskiviikko 1. elokuuta 2012

New day

OK, I have been in hospital in test's hole day.. and I have to tell you: HUH! So tired now.
But I'm so proud that I went..

Now just have to wait when i'm gonna see that doc. After that, well I'm Not gonna worry about that now.

Its time to relax and take care of me, enjoy the company of my closeones and live full life.

I mean, never know, what will happend next, right?

I'm gonna take myself out tomorrow. And do something cool :)

Of course i Will think, what is in My back, bat not gonna let that stop me for living!

And... I have this passion to go back in US. Still so much to see, and few friends to meet.

That's all for now, sleeptime! ;)

So good night all

ps .That pic is telling the story about relaxing ;))

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  1. I will pray for you Maarit... please let me know how it all turns out. I really hope you just enjoy your time.


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