lauantai 25. elokuuta 2012

Mirror, mirror....

On the wall... tell me, I´m I doing good?? And have i been good...

There´s a challenge.. Taking a good look at the mirror and being honest. For yourself. Really, truly honest. How long can i look at the mirror? You? It´s not easy... i wrote about this once before, and now.. well, i understand that a bit more! 

I looked up my self, and was´nt happy what i saw.
But, the power is to realize your mistakes, your words, when you hurt some one, lies..and admit, that you have done wrong, hurt someone.  

It´s not easy to see our mistakes, our ways to do things..One thing is relieving: Nobody´s perfect! we are allowed to do mistakes. And our duty is learn..

So, if i look at the mirror, and I see just a victim... I´m telling a lie to myself.

If one has to escape from past, how one can face the future? What you leave will find those things in your path one day.

I have been thinking this so much, couse i see this happening almost every day.. I hear lies..people go on with false life..Just so sad!

Imagine, how much power that takes, how empty it leaves?

In these days, when i look at the mirror, i really try to be honest, to myself. That, release so much power to go on with all trials, all obstacle. And.. i can be more honest to others, too. It´s too easy to tell a white lie or bigger, rather than being yourself...

But in the long run?? Not worth it!!!!

I have said, that i was´nt an angel, when i was young, and i´m not one now.. but i´m learning!! :)))

Have a great weekend all ;))


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  1. I have been trying to post from my blackberry, I see it isn't working so well. I just wanted to tell you that you inspired me and gave me an idea, I will tell you all about it in time:)

    1. Great!!!!:))) so happy about that, Launna! Cant wait to hear! :)) this is simply the best i can hear...

  2. Mun blogissa on sulle haaste: :)

    1. Awww! Ihana :)))) Kiitos Susanna, oot parhautta!!


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