maanantai 13. elokuuta 2012


Really, i am! I just swam about 16C cold water (60.8F)....well, feeling fresh! I love to swim, and that helps my back, i am frozen :)

I have been a bit busy, I was last weekend in wedding, just so beautiful couple!!! I cryed for happyness, and i wish them all the best!!

Now i´m back in normal routines, which im not sure, are. I dont seem to have regular routines... And maybe, i miss that. I look out of window, and autumn is really here. I love this time of year, and all the colors, what are coming....But...i dont know, feel a bit melancholy at the same time?

So weard feeling.. Like i´m letting go of something. I just dont know what...Really dont.

Some old habbits?? Some old memory? Some of my way to see something, and realizing, that it was´nt right??Or can it be.... Am I growing, menthally??Seeing  something with "new eyes"?

Somethimes change, bad or good, makes one react so funny...e.g crying in wedding ;))

Like i have said do many times, that i can feel, that something´s on it´s way, something new...and´s closer!!! I know, this sounds soooo grazy, but i cant help it!!! I have felt few things before, that has happend... Is that intuition??

What ever it is, i have learned to trust this feeling... i have million butterflys in my stomach.

And, it feels like something so great, it takes me some new places, takes my my creativity to some other lever, makes it work...forward.

Now, my job is to accept it, when that time comes....maybe it´s some new connection, or old...we´ll see.... and these butterflys of mine are flying again....woh!!!!

So, have a great day all

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  1. I love this, every new day begins with possibilities, we choose to use it or waste it:)

    1. So true, life is too short to waist even a minute :))


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