lauantai 18. elokuuta 2012

colors of fall

Well, i think that i dont need to write now, one pic is more that 1000 words ;)
So here is few thousand words for you :))

I took that last text away, i wanna focus on more positive things ;)) And i said it out loud, so i´m happy with that.
Gonna do something for myself, like healing and trusting, that i´m worth more... Thank you for encouraging! It gave me so such power to go on..

Have a great day all

4 kommenttia:

  1. The pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing them Maarit;)

  2. ah suomen syksy on ihana! kuten kaikki vuodenajat :)

    1. Niin on!! :)) Talveakin jo odotellessa :))))


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