maanantai 27. elokuuta 2012


Susanna, ( And there´s a great blog!!! And person!! ;) challenged me... I love challenges!! :)

 The rules are:

-Answer 11 questions that your challenger made up for you.

-Make up 11 questions for the people your going to challenge.

-Pass this award to 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

My 11 questions to my choices:
1. Your best summer memory from the summer of 2012?
-Definitely that, when we went to swim at night.. after sauna.. it was just so awesome. I saw oat fields from pool, full moon... :))
2. Your biggest dream?
- My biggest dream, wow...great guestion! Well, i have to say.. working with writing, some fashion and travelling.. all together... Yep, that is my dream...
3. What do you think of FINLAND?
-I love Finland!!!! Love the weather, people, nature..all of that!! We have so many great things here, like health care e.g...
4. Name one person who has touched your life and inspired you?
- one..hmm... there i have to mom. She lost her fight for cancer, but her attitude!!! She was laughin till the end, and helping me.. so strong woman :)))
5. What's youe favourite bag like?
- Big. Very big. :D I take sooo much stuff with me, when i go.. even if it´s just grocery! Never know, if you have to suddenly go somewhere!!
6. When was the last time you attented a good party?
- This summer. So incredibly beutiful wedding!! <3
7. What's the most beautiful thing ever been said to you?

- You are important. That came from one important person...
8. Why do you write a blog?

- That´s easy! :) I love writing. I love, if i can connect with new people, and if i can inspire even one, im in heaven!!! :)
9. What was the last things you ate?

- Taikaruis-bread, with cheese
10. What did you do today at 8 am?

-...have to honesty.. i slept.. :D
11. Something that no one knows about you?

-hmm... i love bold and the beautiful..please,dont tell anyone;) it is so relaxing, really!!!!!

 My 11 guestions to you are:

  1. Do you have idol? If so, who and why?
  2. Did you have a good day?
  3. Best memory from your childhood?
  4. Without____________you dont leave home!??
  5. Best thing about blogging is???
  6. First thing what you do, when you wake up is???
  7. What is your biggest dream, where do you go in your dreams??
  8. Have you ever missed someone so bad, that you just jump to some transportation to meet he/she?
  9. Today, at 4pm.. you did..what?
  10. Have you ever remember something funny, when you are alone in shop and started to laugh?
  11. And finally... what do you think about love?


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  1. Congratulations Maarit.. <3 I need to do this over the long weekend, Susanna is a doll:)

    1. thank you Launna! :) And yes, she is!!!! :) i wanted to send ne to you, but.. i think you have then so much to do.. but..ok, i have a idea!! ;)

  2. Kiitti Maarit kun otit mun haasteen vastaan, sulla on aivan ihania vastauksia mun kysymyksiin! Oot mahtava! :)


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