tiistai 10. heinäkuuta 2012

trusting my instincts

That´s something, that i have learned to do.

I mean, it sounds so stubid, or crazy, but if I get this feeling about someone/something.... In the end i have noticed that my first thought was right.

Good or bad, both. If someone is lying to me, there´s many bodymoves that reveal that, but first thought... faster!

It´s basically that you have to trust your self also. And that, my friend can safe me from so many things. And help me forward.

I dont have so much, or actually any luck in lotto or so on, but if i want to o or go somewhere....well, it just happend. That´s my luck. And i have to say, much more better that money! ;)

Now, i have my antennas up, for what, i dont yet know... Funny feeling.. I just know, that this road is taking me forward.

I have open more changes to me, and now I wait, what will happen. But there´s more. This funny feeling is like butterflys all over my body, It´s just.. well, makes me smile!? Crazy, yes?

I belive, that there´s so much energy around us, how we use it is up to us. Being sensitive helps to feel those notes of liferiver, and go with a flow.

Letting go of suspicion can lead to so beautiful things....

I wanted to write so much more, but my back is saying stop now, so i hope that tomorrow i can continue this...;)))))

Photos... like river of my mind.....

Have a great day,

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