sunnuntai 8. heinäkuuta 2012

thank you Tombstone

I had two topics, and i didnt know which to write. I decided to thank Arizona, Tombstone here.
Last time was Bangladesh, after this is gonna be Dubai. Sort of like small travel map from places i have been and i fall in love....

So, Tombstone... Wow!!!

The history is absolutely great, and being there was so incredible....

I love history much, in so many ways and every country has their own, and many.

I will tell you about this day, what i saw now, present time.

I had a change to stay there some time, so I had a better change to see more also.

What i saw, was  mountains, sand, more and more cactus..everywhere! I saw, really, history, old movies came alive.
Hot sun. Dirt in my boots. Cowboys. Smiles. Amazing people. Horses. TG not rattlesnakes ;)

Food...those places were... wow. Stake was so big, every time!! And waiters, so kind... bartender.. thank you all.

That was/is place, where i talked with so many locals, learned so much about life in there, not easy always. But that attitude, there´s something, that I respect!! Awesome!

I did feel like a gueen, I thank you for that. And I thank for so many, other things too!!!

And that one cowboy, i will buy next time black stetson ;) not old enough for red,,,

I left a big piece of my heart in there!!!!!!
One day i will come back.......

These are taken from Tombstone and around.. I have soooo much more in my comuter, but i just cant put those all here..

But these are important for me :))) Enjoy!!!

And of course, have a great day

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