perjantai 13. heinäkuuta 2012

telling the truth

I promised to tell you the truth here in my blog, even it´s not always so happy.
Well, I´m sitting here, outside, in our yard and writing. (I have a new lap top, that works, yes!!!)
But tears are coming from my eyes... and i sort of know, why... It´s just.. it´s not easy to say sertain things out loud...

But, i need to say, and telling the truth is jst be the way to help myself.
Yes, i have almost everything, that human can need. And more. that´s not the problem. The problem is me!!!

I need more!!! Not money, not fancy things... more deeper things... know??
And adventures... I need to have some mission, that fits in some adventure..
I know, i have restless mind and body. When i feel that i´m stuck someway.. then i become impossible.

Short temperature, sadness... just depressed...

And then i know, that there´s a danger, that i do something stupid. Take first flight to somewhere... that´s not good.

I have this small plan: i try to start to learn car painting...different It could be something that will help me from myself...

Some people are meant to be still, i´m not... the problem is that my partner in life is still-people... so, i have to do and go by myself... sometimes it would be fun to share..

I need to feel the fire... really! Well, this is my situation now.. I look arond, i see sky, blue.. flowers, so many colors..wind is here also ;) my friend from nature... i listen Scorpions: Born to touch your feelings... and some small tear is coming...

But, i know, that it´s just my mind..playing with me...

Somehow, this moment is beautiful... little melancholic, but.. full of feelings....

I wish you all a great day

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  1. Mä niiin ymmärrän sua, koska musta tuntuu joskus tismalleen samalta! Joskus mä vaan itken ja ajattelen, ettei KUKAAN RAKASTA MUA, vaikka tietysti joku rakastaa ja mulla on oikeesti kaikki asiat hyvin ja niin pois päin.
    Tsemppiä sulle, oot mun rukouksissa! :)

    1. Ihanaa Susanna, kun vastasit!!! Ja mennään kyllä samoilla linjoilla :))
      Ihmisen mieli on niin hassu joskus!!!
      Halaus sulle ja kiitos, kun otat minut mukaan rukouksiin :)))))))

  2. I believe in telling the truth too, even when it's painful. I understand where you are coming from... I need the excitement tooo....

  3. Truth is the best way :)

    Yes, that is sort of like salt of life , sometimes ;)))


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