keskiviikko 18. heinäkuuta 2012

some day

I receive your messages time to time, for me..
In my computer

oh, how badly i want to run to you
Wanna see your eyes
Wanna feel your touch...

You are confusing me!
Man, do you know...
How rare that is??
Not many can do that!
Cant you see, what you are doing to me?

You are making me dream..

Dream about us...

That first look
That first touch
That first kiss..

That moment when i´m drowning
in your eyes...

You make me wish...
oh, so many things!
One thing above all....
You and me..

No time to worry
No place to worry

We have all the time
All places are ours

We are in timeless place
We are together...

I know, i could use more stronger words to describe
how i feel
about you

But I was afraid to use those
Couse then i will want you even more...

And are not with me...
Some day..
Someday i will use stronger words!!

Have a great day all

2 kommenttia:

  1. Maarit, you made me cry... this could have been written for my David and me...

    I am trying to stay strong... it is so hard when you love someone and you know they are your soul mate... and you're not with them.

    I just need to breathe... every thing will work out the right way, I believe!!!

  2. Oh Launna...i really understand you.. Maybe this was for you and David..

    And that is so true, everything will work out, some it´s ment to be :)


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