sunnuntai 1. heinäkuuta 2012

new skill

I did it!! I learned new skill!

It´s: to treat myself better! Belive me, it´s not easy. Even if we dont realize it, treating others better is somehow easyer..

I can make good food to others, but when i´m alone, i just eat something. Same goes almost everything.

I took a brake almost all media for a while, and it felt good. I listened myself, and practiced to listen, what my body, mind and soul need....

If i wanted to do something, i just did that, even if someone did´nt want. I thought that ok, you dont want, but that dosent explain, why i cant want. And cant do. Couse i can.

Do you understand, what i´m trying to say? Hope, couse i´m still looking for the right words to explain my feelings ;)

I took this habit in use: i made myself good food, sweets, good drink.
I spoled myself in sauna with all good lotions, soaps and so on.

I took my time, when i chose my clothes. If i did´nt want to do something.. i did´nt do. And THAT i did with good conscience.

I made a list what i want to do in near future. And I´m gonna do just that.

No matter what.

I bought a pool, becouse i wanted. I heard something: is that necessary?? For me, yes. And thats enough for me.

Now i´m feeling stronger, and better!!!! Couse i FINALLY understand that i´m worth that and so much more.

I wont settle for less anymore. And you know what?? It feels so right! :)

So, i think that after all i have been gone thru, i find myself and my self-esteem.

Nothing cant come in my way, when it´s concerns subject: living my life.

And now i have so much more energy to write, and hopefully more to give.

1am, almost full :))))

Loving the sun

..and ice-cream ;)))

So, see you soon and have a great day, remember to love you too

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  1. It's a great reminder that we need to love ourselves first and take care of ourselves the way we take care of others:)

    1. Indeed Launna, then we are strong enough to take everything that life offers :)


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