perjantai 6. heinäkuuta 2012

needing all feelings

I do, need every feeling that goes thru me
I need hate
so I can feel love even stronger

I need depression
so I can appreciate happyness

I need sadness in my life
So I can feel joy

I love to be ungry
so I can forgive

I need passion
and feel tenderness

Every feeling has special meaning for me
even fear..
so I can win it

these all helps me to create
Helps me be human
Helps me be vulnerable

And still be stronger

There´s no shame to cry

from the bottom of your heart

That means only, that you feel!
And that is the most precious gift for us...

With these thoughts
have a great day

3 kommenttia:

  1. I have always known that without sadness we could not have joy. We do need to appreciate our hard times for they do give us our opportunity to have happiness:)

    1. And 1 have missed you here as Well! So happy To See you! 1 belive that you are So busy with au your reading! 1 Wish you power so much. And, 1 lost your last Comment! im Sorry, 1 really dont Know what happend.. im here with Phone, SO i think that i pushed Some button..?
      Hugs To you :)))


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