sunnuntai 29. heinäkuuta 2012

love, lies and self-esteem

Now, there´s a packet! Those belong, and not, together.

First things

I mean, what is love? Easy to say? Word? What... sadly, that word is sometimes too easy to say, in wrong purpose.. But does that mean, that then you are in love, if you use that word?

Or does it need more than words... I belive yes. Actions means so much, and shows so much more. In long time frame, there´s those small actions, that make´s you beliver in love. And for me, those are that counts...

In beginning.. you meet someone, you smile.. you feel so light, so good.. that´s a great feeling!!!
And if you feel that e.g after 7 years, it´s more than that. It´s true companion.

Words are just so powerfull, have to be carefull to use those. Really.

Lies..oh wow. I just cant stand those. Mosly, because lies are used to hurt, benefit from something/one, selfish purpose..bad things.

Every realitionship, friendship, work, everywhere, where lies are around...those goes somehow wrong. Behind every kie is human. And human.. has power to choose, true or false.

So, is it ok to think, that if some one is telling a lie, he/she wants to hurt you? Or dont care about your feelings? Maybe, maybe....

And self-esteem... that´s a huge thing for us. Without that, so  many can hurt you. Including you.
ALWAYS be proud of you. If you dont have money, be proud that you have you, and you are doing ok, if you see more from mirrow, that you proud of you. I mean, you are everything for you! Take care and love you, no matter what.

No one has that power to take you away from yourself. Love yourself more, and no one cant hurt you. Of course i know, it is´nt so easy. If someone is decided to destroy you...or is so violent... not easy.

But dont let no one ruin you inside, that´s your power.

Put these all together:

So you see, all are important... :)))

Have a great day all

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  1. Words can hurt or heal, we really need to think before we talk;)

  2. Yes, those are just so powerfull.. :) I rather heal...


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