tiistai 31. heinäkuuta 2012

for my sis

This is´nt easy for me...to write. So, if this is not logical...well, I´m not that at the time I write this.

So...I havent forgot you, I never will.. It´s been so long, so messy and so ugly time between here and then. So much happend. So much were said. Too much. I know, i didnt handle things so great, but was I the only one... no.

I just say one thing about that time, I stood up for me, at the first time...was´nt easy, belive, to do that. Knowing, that you are between two people... I..just had enough.. sorry about that.

Oh, this is so grazy!! We use to be so close, knew everything about each other.. we could talk about everything...now?? I dont know even, are you ok...Just..what happend...Too much? That..is´nt exactly clear for me, even now. Everything happend so fast...

Yes, we all had issues, after dad passed away...and needs. You had your own, and belive me, i had mine. It was´nt so black and white.. 

But i belive, that you know better... Even you are young, you have this common sence..always  have had..

I have doc tomorrow, and i really dont know, what will happend. There´s a change, that i face the same destiny, that my mother had...in her back...

So, even we think that we have all the time in the world, sometimes that time is still so short....

But i want you to know, that i have always loved you, and no matter what, always will....

So, what ever happens to me, please, remember...you are special...and so dear to me.

I will always be your sis..... And here for you...just...remember that one thing...even thought you dont think so now..


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