torstai 5. heinäkuuta 2012

Flirt flirt flir t& dreaming

Small skirt, hot sun, great music...

There´s a great recipe for small flirt.. I have to admit, that i do love flirt!

There´s a fine line, when it´s more that flirt, and i think that we all know our lines.. If dont, life teaches ;))
Good flirt is art!!

Going walk on town or just shopping... Eyes meets eyes, smile meets another...Knowing, that other is thinking something wild.. Imagine something yourself, and then just walk away, with your secret...

I have been spending this day by the pool, it´s the greatist place to think.

I have to admit now: i´m a dreamer. Big time. I love to fantasize a lot! Close my eyes and i´m in another place, another time...Just wondering around..

And still in this time, living this minute.

Imagination, it´s important keep that alive, keep it running, flowing.
Without that there´s no good things to read, great art to look, interesting people to meet...
It gives such a richness our lifes! And you dont have to tell to anyone.That´s the beauty of dreaming, you can be anything you want!

So, now i wish you dreamy day
I´m off to pool again;))))


5 kommenttia:

  1. Flirting is good too!
    Crazy dream and imagine for a few seconds is very good!

  2. The Imagination is a basic tool to enjoy our minds and our souls rejoice.
    I come from the blog of Jacqueline Cristina and I love your space.
    If I do not mind follower of your blog.
    A greeting.

  3. Pedro, that is so true.
    I truly appreciate your comment and i´ll be honord to have you my follower!!

    Greeting for you too

  4. I believe a little harmless flirting is so fun... I love dreaming:)


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