sunnuntai 22. heinäkuuta 2012

choices and consequences

Every choice we make, has some sort of  conseguence. You choose badly, conseguences are..well, not so great. But even then you can make other choices, and turn situatin better.

Dont hate the plyer, hate the game, they say.. Well, you choose your game. And if you wanna be part of that game, or stop and do something else..

I learned this long ago, but really understood it during this weekend.
When i was young, i did very bad choices, and paid the price, now? I´m living my dream!
Mostly, i learned from my mistakes, and now i can look back and be proud of that!

And this all leads to what? Yes, right! Both attitude and being humble front school of life.

Attitude, there´s so much power! By being positive, you can make so much more, because you have power to think forward, even things dont go well at the first matter what you try.

And learning... very important If you do your mistakes again and again,  without learning... you will end up hitting your head to the wall, and get headache.

Learnig from mistakes, and you will go again, forward...

Ane more thing, what is so important...being brave and accept new challenges!!! I got this great opportunity to learn airbrush painting!!! Wow, i love it!!!

I´m gonna get my own stuff in next week and who knows, gonna be good?? ;)))
Have to tell you, not so easy that looks!

So, choose wisely, and if not.. do it again, taking a new point of view and start all over!
Life is like a river, go with it...

My first airbrush work.. free handed.. :)))

Have a great day all

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  1. Maarit, I have really missed you. I am so grateful we are friends on Facebook so we can always stay in contact.

    I am happy that you are happy.

    I am happy but I am still a little sad about my David, I am trying to stay strong though:)

  2. Launna, i have missed you too!! And I am so grateful about our friendshp in facebook. I smile always, when i see your post :)))
    I understand, how sad you are about David... true love is sometimes hard...

    Wanna send you power! And hugs!!


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