tiistai 24. heinäkuuta 2012

Between you and I

This is just between you and I.. I will tell you secret.

I... oh, well... I think i´m gonna use pics to describe my mind now ;)

No, that´s not the secret.. those are things, that I cherish....

The secret is:

Somehow i dont belive that this is the big secret... and you right.. i will tell you, little later..

But! That is so true.. I have said that time and time again, and i will do that time and time again.. Couse you will never know, what you can achieve ... I shoud know!
Really, after my years of being the priconer of panic... wow... now i feel like... so strong!
And i challenge myself daily. With new thoughs, new things, new point of views... It´s the salt of being me.

Just..take the first step, what ever you wanna try... then you know, was is good...

Just one thing.. do it honestly.. I mean, if you want something new in your life, dont hide it.. dont lie about it.. dont blame others, if you cant. That´s gonna be expensive way to do things...be proud of what you do :)

Have a great day all

2 kommenttia:

  1. It may not be a secret Maarit but it is always a good idea to remind us, we really need to do those things that scare us, that will help us grow:)

  2. :))) that´s so true! And good to remind also m´myself, i dont wanna forget that :))


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