tiistai 17. heinäkuuta 2012

behind the scenes

It´s amazing, how we can create whole world behind computer. Tell with few words, who we are... or want to be.
Truth can be so totally else, but if someone can live the he/she wants here in net...it´s ok. Of course. Sometimes it´s just dangerous, sometimes from false comes main thing.. and sometimes false comes reality!

Being honest and writing as you are, from your life.. aint so easy to do for all!
Totally understand that...
But sometimes...the truth is the best one can do.

Sometimes we can see behavior model, if one is living in net.
And sometimes this net brings people together in so many different ways....

Ok, i will tell you now!!! I met again my long lost friend in FB, and i´m sooo happy about that! ;)

My thing is be me, all the way. Here, FB, everywhere.
I have bad days, mostly good.. all together, all this is my life.

I dont know, maybe it´s just me, but creating whole different life here...in net..well, is it empty after all?? Or is there something, that will fill some lonely feeling??

Why i started to wonder all these is that i read an article about life in net. It was a bit sad...

And some people are misleading by purposely.. And that, it´s scary. It can hurt so many. Of course there´s responsibility, who reads and belives also. But still... well, i really dont belive so easily.

Young girls/boys, so easy to mislead. Lonely people.. People, who need love...

Well, i wish that positivity is one of those great things, that spreads fast here!!! :))) Couse this is so great tool for good things too!! As i have noticed. And notice every day. And will help to spread. ;)

          And that´s the thruth ;))))

Have a great day

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  1. I love that last quote Maarit, I write so that hopefully I touch people's hearts and it helps me to work things out, thank you so much for posting this Maarit

  2. I love that too! It´s just so.. true:)

    You really touch hearts, one is mine :))


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