sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2012

that´s the way it goes

Life is full of surprises
You fall
In due time you will get up
And move on.

Just that one sec
when you fall
it´s long road
to fall

You will see
what matters the most
You realize
What is good

You see what you want
from your life
one sec is long enough
if you fall
e.g from motorbike...

Ok, that was´nt a poem, just a thought... Yesterday was a bit sad. But teaching. My partner in life crashed with motorbike. I got a call from him, when i was shopping new sunchair.
I was smiling for seller, and sun was shining. I answered phone and I heard: Dont panic, but can you come and get me to the hospital, i fell with bike...

After that i dont remember, how i got out from that shop, I dont remember, how i drowe home, I dont remember sun.

When i studied to join first responders, i knew that poeple can say "I´m ok" and walk with their bones broke or wors, couse of shock, so....

It felt so unreal. So unreal. He was just going to have fun with boys, and I was gonna take sun and enjoy. No, this is not happening!

With his brother and one relative we went. This relative drove my car, couse i was shaking so.

It felt so long, that road, even normally it feels short. I did´nt know what to expect. That place was middle of forrest, sandroad. And I knew, that he dont call ambulance, too tough for that... like some mans are.....

Relief was so huge, when we came to that place. He was sitting there, not much blood, and he was conscious.

It all happend in a sec. He remember, what he was thinking during that flight.

I started to think time. How vulnerable we actually are! How thin line is here and now, and next moment.. what can be something so different.

Time is ruthless, if we dont respect it. So is nature. One sec... short and long time...

I mean, if life is so brittle, we really should respect more our life! It was too close yesterday for one life....

Even i had said this so many times, i will say it again: life is short, enjoy!!! Do, what you dream, dream more and live that! You will never know, what will happend in next sec.....

Have a great day all

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  1. Life is short... I agree Maarit, we really have to live for the moment as it change just like that!

  2. Vastaukset
    1. Thank you so much! :) Very kind of you :) I will follow you too ;)


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