torstai 21. kesäkuuta 2012


1 dont Know About you, but when sun is Shining, sky is blue... It makes me feel so good!

I can feel the heat of sun in my skin.. it touches me so gently.. Kisses my Skin.

I feel it in my face.. that feeling takes me<i Far, far away.. Dreamplace..Where i' m gonna Meet my love..

ln that place, there's no sickness.. no stress..
Only happiness, love..

I smell the flowers, it is so incredible
scent.. hole Air is full of different smells..
I just breath and enjoy those smells..

I hear Water, small waves.. those come to the shore, slowly, like a lover.. One wave after another.

I Know, if i put my feet to water, it slowly Kisses my feet, making me feel special..
such a Fantastic feeling..

Even tho it's getting later of day, days are so light.. AS long as night, this is that day!

l can feel some summer magic in hole body!
It really makes my imagination so many ways!

1 love these things in summer.. And so many more!
Have a Warm day all

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  1. I love this post! :) kesä on ihanaa, huomaan että sä osaat nauttia siitä!

    1. Thank you Susanna! :)))On Se superihanaa taas talven jälkeen, Kaikki vuodenajat on meillä ihania:)) Kun syksy tulee joskus niin lehtiKasat odottaa ;D

  2. Have a warm day too Maarit, it has been an amazing day here as well, nice. I am glad to see you in good spirits :)


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