lauantai 9. kesäkuuta 2012

Small tools for Panic

I wanna Share few simple tools to live and understand panic disorder.
Its not dangerous, no.
But it is in menthally very demanding. Even if
its not so bad that you have to stay at home 24/7, its still limiting your life a lot. True?
And if it has taken you so badly, that you cant go out anymore, like i use to be... there's a way out, belive me!
It's NOTHING to do you being grazy, or less better than others. you are as good as the human next to you!
There's nothing to be shame of. You have a panic, that's all.
There's lot of fancy names for that, what is going on in your brains during panicattack. And so short period of time you go thru so much: Fear, feeling like you are coming grazy, feeling that you are loosing the control of your own body. Shame, tired, hopeless... Does this sounds familiar? And top of that, biggest shame is feeling like letting your Family&close ones down, Couse you are "different".. You are not.
I remember that I did'nt count me as a human around my family. This is a bit hard to understand, this panic. If some one looks at you, they see alsolutely nothing Of these Symphtoms, Maybe just that you are a little bit nervous.
But what i wrote before, theres lot going on in your mind! I call that like my brains are too fast for react world around me. It's a instinct, that keeps us alive when there's Some danger around us. Our instinct is just little Faster..
So we can say, that we are better in real situation, right? ;)
Thing is, how we read our symphtoms, there we go little too far, and then we are in panic.
Image that You are in Store. It's Full of people. It's hot. Right about now you are on your way to panic, or you have attach on already. You listen to your heart. It's going fast! And you feel dizzy, you need to run out! Fast.
What was really going on was yes, your hart pumped faster, that's NOT dangerous. But you Feel like it is. And at the same time your muscles are in stress, so your circulation of blood is'nt guite normal. And that's you feel dizzyness. Again, not dangerous, nasty yes! but its how you feel. That it's dangesous.
And that, my Friend is what panic is all about: how we read and react For those symphtoms.

So,when you next time are feeling those symphtoms...Remember few things: NOT dangerous, realfeeling, but afterall..normal body functions in stress.. so..

Take one step away from those symphtoms and try to look at them as you stand beside of those see?? You are not grazy, just sensiteve ;)))

all the best for today

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  1. Panic attacks can be so awful, I have had this with my fear of heights... I plan to go zip lining and hand gliding to get over the fear. I want to wait until David is posted here so we can go together but if that doesn't happen, I will go next summer either way. It will happen though :)

    1. That really can be, i had it so long... you go and win your fear of heights!!! :))) that is so good to win your self :)))


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