keskiviikko 27. kesäkuuta 2012


Ok, time to face the music... I´m gonna meet soon neurosurgeon.. Hope he´s good looking and nice ;))

No, that´s not important, i know, but i have to think things with humor.. And i have to stay in hospital, It´s more like vacation right now. Food is coming to bed, coffee.. resting..and it´s raining anyway, so it dosent matter. And then i have the rest of this summer to spend in sun, near my pool.. so, not bad!

Like this, in everything is good to take a view from positive side of life..

Being good to yourself is always right. Spoiling yourself one in while is not wron!! ;))

This is just life.. It´s huge, erratic, full of happenings. Good and not so good.

One day at the time is the best medicine, always.

Of course inside of me is guestions, some fear and so on.. But i´m just not gonna make my self depressed and tired.

Just one pit, and life goes on.

Like i told you before, i love rain. Now, when i look out of my window i can see that it´s raining a lot.
I think that i´m gonna start my old passion again, painting. It´s been long since i painted last time..

Have a great day all

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  1. So they are going to have to operate? I will pray for you Maarit.


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