sunnuntai 24. kesäkuuta 2012

Not island

No man is, like they say.
One thing i still Know, surviving skills are importat anyway!

I mean that team is good, partner is more than Fantastic. It's a richness.
It's just.. we have to remember also that, we are Still individuals.

e.g I cant expect my partner in life to carry my problems. He can support me, but rest i have to carry Myself. That's the way i like it.

That I call surviving. And after I know, that i'm Strong enough to take care of My self..Then I Know, that i have so much more to give To others..

So, i´m not a island, i´m more independent.. In realitionshipi am becouse i want, not becouse i need, I dont have to take from it, i can just be. And i have power to give..

That  guide goes all of my life. I appreciate my own time, value it, need it. Like evverybody.

I have things, that i rather do by my own, and i know that in my partner has also...

And when i have my- time, i enjoy. I dont feel loneny, i enjoy to be alone. Just listen myself. And do what ever i want.

When i´m spending my time with others, I´m enjoying that too. Key word is balance.

Balace between people, your self, nature.....

What is your balace, that´s another thing... I belive, that we all have our own balace..keep that and you feel ok...;)

Have a great day all

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  1. I can be alone with me and enjoy my time but I do so love to share my time with others, it is wonderful to just be with someone, I don't always have to talk... just be there for them :)


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