keskiviikko 20. kesäkuuta 2012

Not gonna give up

Hi all!
Sorry about long time since I have wroten.
Many things has happend and l don't Know, how to feel.. Or I do, Sort of, but am I ready, that's another thing.

Since last time few things has happend, one is that i was in doc today, and she Send me to x-ray.

And call surgeon? great. These lumps i have in my back.. there's over 1O of those.. Something.
That i Will find out after my doc Will Call me in next week.

Few of those lumps are pushing some nerves, others are pushing some other parts of my back.

One thing is making Me a bit Sad: Almost all of my family has passed away.
I have always been there for my closest one's, now i realized that I cant Call to my my family and ask support.

Crazy feeling suddenly!

BUT! I'm never gonna give up. I Will always look For Something good for life.
I Will laugh. I Will smile.

This is my jorney, how it ends dosent matter, Its the ride! And Hell yeah, this is mine.

Back hurt's, it's just pain. Its not Me. I'm not the pain, pain is in me.

I Keep on living.

Day by day, hour by hour.. actually Sec by Sec.

Main thing is to feel. And belive me, i feel !

And of course
Have a great day all

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  1. My flower, keep always busy.
    Do not think about unpleasant facts.
    Live one day at a time ...

    1. Thank you Jagueline, So much! You made me Smile :)
      l Will do that..

  2. Maarit, I missed you... I always miss when you don't write all the time. I will pray for you, every night and I will have Valentina add you to her prayers too. Please let me know what you find out, keep up the positive thoughts, hugs<3

    1. aaww, Launna...missed you too! And thank you so much..and Valentina also, you are so sweet!! You shoud see me now, smiling and bit crying for feeling so warm :))


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