tiistai 12. kesäkuuta 2012

never too old!

That´s right!

I remember, when i was turned 30 and had bad panic.. I thought that that´s it. After this EVEN if i suddenly healed somehow.. i cant do anything, that i have dreamed about! Couse i´m too old then. I really thouhgt so.

How wrong i was! And now it is so good to admit, that i was wrong.

It´s not about the age, it´s about that passion, what drives you to fulfill your dreams! That wont look your age, that looks that fire inside of you.

It could be that before you did´nt really know, what you wanted to do. Or had some things, like i had panic, that is slowing you down.

But now! I´m working my dream and dreaming more. And belive me, gonna carry out those dreams ;))

I will write more today, now i just have to go.. I have been sort of busy few days, tomorrow is time to slow dowm..

You are in my thouhgs tho!

Have a great day

3 kommenttia:

  1. Thanks for posting Maarit, this is so true, nothing can hold back our passion if we really believe :)

  2. Thank you Launna :))) i belive so too! Belive is powerfull tool :)

  3. I thought like you, Maarit, today, as you discover that the passions are changing, adapting the mind to the body more tired, but smarter. Life is very good, even after 30. ;)


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