perjantai 1. kesäkuuta 2012

here i go again

That´s it. I could´nt be away longer, this is so addictive in a good way! :)

I decided to just write, couse that´s me. Writer. And this passion for writing has helped me so often to clear my mind.

I noticed, that i have hold back my writings lately. Not becouse i was meaning to do so, but i really didnt know what tIo write, couse i didnt know what i was feeling or thinking. And that was me not being honest to myself.

So, now i´m gonna just write. Not think, just letting it all out. That´s me. ;)

As  told, there was this ugky thing that came to end, and i´m happy about that. I could say that this is all about that. But its not.

There´s so much more inside of me, that i dont recognize. There´s fire. Yes, there was before too, but now.. is more! Flame is bigger. And becouse i didnt have courage to face it, i sort of tryed to suffocate it. But then that fire is burning me, from inside.

I have more mental strength also. I just realized that. I have to confess: i am strong.

Somehow i let part of my past to mix here and now, and i ler myself to belive that i´m not so strong.
I was wrong. And it feels good to noticed that i was wrong!
Admitting that you are wrong, theres a great way to grow! And see, that even you have gone thru so much, theres  still so much to learn!!! And that is the fuel, that keeps me running.

My mind is full of curiosity. My soul is full of fire. I´m ready for today, tomorrow, for rest of my life!
I trust life to show me the way. I know, that there´s gonna be setback. I´m gonna make wrong choices. But it´s life. And i´m so happy, that i dont need to be perfect, i can be just me. That is so big relief!

By being me, im stronger. My path is not clear, not ready. And that´s good! I know, that writing my book is one stage, but it´s not all that i have in this life. I just have to follow my heart and look what else there´s gonna be!!

So, i´m back :))))

Have a awesome day all

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  1. I am happy you didn't go away for too long... you are strong Maarit and not all people can say that. Sometimes we are sure we cannot handle another crisis and then we do :)


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