perjantai 8. kesäkuuta 2012

dont give up, and do give up

Don´t never give up! Your dreams, those can come true, when you least expect it! Even, if you think that it´s not going to happend to me...keep on dreaming more!

Dreams are that power, what allows us to travel, to be anything we want. Dreams takes us places, what we did´nt know that even exist.

Without that power..we are empty. Shallow. We dont have nothing to reach on. Nothing to fantasize.

Give up for love. Give up for passion. Even if you know, that it´s not match made in heaven. But feel that love. If only for that moment. Without that, you dont know meaning of word love.

Small moment of love is better that zero. And if you find your true love.. wow!! Enjoy it! Enjoy that feeling. Sometimes it can and will hurt you, but feel.

With that feeling you can say you are alive. You have feelings. And with feelings we are so much richer.

And of course, have a great day ;)

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