lauantai 26. toukokuuta 2012

seclusion and society

Here in Finland was so sad morning. Shooting, again... In this time shooter was only 18years.
I usually dont write much of politics or take so much stand here, in my blog about these things. But now.. So often we all read from newspapers, that someone killed all his family, sometimes she, but mostly he.

In this society it has made clear, that you HAVE to be someone, you HAVE to have money, lot, you HAVE to belong some group, that is important. If you fail, you are nothing.
And man, you dont talk your problems! That´s a rule of being REAL man.

Hard text, but sadly.. that i see around me, in my friends, people..
So many have so big stress to do SOMETHING so called important job, be someone.. if you dont make it, well.. you are a looser.

And if you look for help, you cant get appointment to doctor, or someone who can listen to you.
First of all, it is huge step to admit that you need help, and you should get help easy. If you dont, well... That we can read from newspaper.

It´s not right that someone does these things, no.

I just wish, that our government start to do something also, to pay attention in this problem: we have young, old and middleages people, who need help. Badly.
There is always this phrase: not enough money. Well, there is more stubid way to spend money, i think..

Someone always blame guns. Ok, i understand that, but.. i see it that way, that it is not that gun, who shoots, it is that human behind that gun. It could be also something else, like lately we have read. This i said, couse i really want to point that real problem: big part of population is´n feeling well.

Of course i look if i see something people around me and try to hepl, that´s my nature. But i know from experience, that bad feeling is so easy to hide..

And i know, that it is easy to say, be happy what you have. For someone, who is deep in that rat race.. he/she cant hear that. Just too busy..Becouse you just HAVE to be..

These pics is not me being naive..
It´s me wishing that it it could be.

I wish you all a great day, let´s make it good

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  1. Hi Maarit, I send you wonderful uplifting thoughts... it is sad when things like this happen. I cannot understand what is going through these peoples minds... just very, very sad

    We just need to be the best we can be and reach out to as many people as we can, being as inspirational as we can, not letting the day to day things bring us down;)

  2. Thank you Launna, I resived your thougts..those came in need!
    Those things are just so Sad.. I really hope that we can reach many people and by example show that theses hope.
    you are so right about days bringing us down..We can win and get up what ever comes our Way ;)))


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