keskiviikko 30. toukokuuta 2012

no stress

I´m sorry for not writing so much lately!!!! It has been so weard time for me.. i did´nt know how to feel, or what to do...

You see, i had this terrible stress almost 2 years. Every day, less or more. I tryed not to think about it, but now, after its done.. woh!!! Yesterday i was so tired! Like someone or something had sucked all my powers was so weard feeling!

Today... i woke up and something was missing. Something, that i had grew already. I saw colors. I smelled different aromas.

Of course i did that also before, but now i saw everything even more clearly!! And i do so right now also! It´s like some veil has taken away...

It feels like there´s an empty place inside of me. But it´s still warm. I´m smiling, all the time.

That black, ugly thing is gone forever! I received official papers today, i cryed. For happyness. For relief.

Yesterday i spoiled myself, a lot. I bought new feather pillow, went a long shower with some new cosmetics, that i bought... then sleep. I was so relaxed!!!!

Today.. i have wondered around..
Without stress. Finally...

My new tree :)))

Have a awesome day all

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  1. Maarit, I am so happy to hear that your life is a little less stressful... and relax as much as you can:)

    1. Big thanks to you Launna! :) Ihave Been relaxing hole day, and it feels so good! I think i take a break from all stressful things, ;)))


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