lauantai 5. toukokuuta 2012

new relationship with Samsung note and gardening

Well, broke up with my Nokia N8 few days ago. And got  interfered with Samsung Note. And I have to say: i´m in love!!!!

I mean, it is more than phone. First, whon i opened that pacet, i thought: omg, they send me tablet instead phone!!! It is huge, for a phone. But is light, and so easy to use. And those apps...i thought that in my Nokia had much...

Its so simple to work with that, all things i need in daily basis. And that note is really handy!!! Ok, now i have advertised that, soon Samsung have to give me some commission!  :D

But, it is good for my needs..and for fun...

Couse it´s springtime, also my small garneder has woke up inside of me. Well, not so small. I have planted seedlings, flowers etc etc...and guess what? Winer came back!! It´s so cold out, so I had to take all of my plants and trees and spices at home, inside.

Well, result is that i have a jungle in my home.....and i still need to put my carlig to germinate..12 pots more...yipii!? Its soooo green here :DDD

And yep, i planted a tree also today...which i bought yesterday..which is gonna be soo pretty...

But i have to say, this is pretty organic place! I have here berries, 8 guality. Apple- and plumtrees, rhubarbs. And i put on the ground potatos, onions, salad, tomatos, cucumbers and what ever comes to mind.

It is so cool to go and and take food form own land, which you know that you have worked hard..rewarding!

Have a great day all

I have to go and meet my phone ;))))

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  1. Hi Maarit, I love your garden, I am going to plant a little one in my backyard this month. My daughter is so excited.

    I love your new phone, I am not sure I would want a touch phone though as I usually have long nails, so it is hard to type.

    Thanks for sharing;)

    1. Hi Launna :) thanks, i really enjoy to be there, after some hard day it is so relaxing.. you have fun with your daugter!

      I have now use those touch phones, and somehow those fit me better. I dont have anymore so lang nails, but if those crow, there´s a magic pen with that phone :D


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