perjantai 25. toukokuuta 2012

New day, new hair

I went to hairdresser today.
I dont Know, have you Seen movie: Twilight? Well, Theres this Alicia, who had such a great hairstyle. Short but femine style.

I loved that. I have had long hair so long time, that it was hard to me even think to Cut my hair.
Now i think that it was good when one hairdresser ruin my hair by cutting so badly about 2 month ago.

I got this power to shorten my hair last time with this ''my' new hairdresser, and I did'nt need to cry! :)

For woman, hairthings are not so easy always!
Here is few photos, I didnt do nothing with them, so it's not any modelingPics. Just me being natural;)
Hope you get that idea anyway...

Have a great day

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  1. Hi Maarit, short hair looks cute on you... I have had long and short... I love my long hair now and I am going to keep it long for as long as I can... ;)

  2. Hi Launna! :)
    Thanks, now when i woke up, it was weard at first :D
    You have such a strong, long and great color in your hair! After summer, we´ll see.. ;)) long half, other half short?

  3. You look so cute and fresh! It definitely is a big change from your old haircut. It totally fits your fun personality too. I suggest you make it more interesting by wearing colorful hairclips. =)

    Lakisha Gelb

    1. Thanks Lakisha, so much :))) So nice to hear! I´m happy now, that i cut my hair... so much nicer.. and that is good tip, those hairclips:))) thank you, i will try and post new pic here :))


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