torstai 24. toukokuuta 2012

me myself and i

I havent told you much about me..Just what has happend and some thougs. But not what i like or not, or how i am as a woman?

Well, now I´m gonna do just that! ;) And thanks to Susanna,
i know how i´m gonna do that.( Ps. That´s a great blog!!!)
  1. I really dont know how to nag
  2. I love hard rock/ heavy metal music
  3. I`m very impulsive.. sometime´s that is getting me some troubles :D
  4. I love pizza, hamburger, sweets, chocolate etc
  5. I love sallad, healthyfood etc
  6. I´m a gemini in my horoscope ;D
  7. I use to be partyanimal, hardtime
  8. sometimes I miss that
  9. usually i dont
  10. I love camera, both sides
  11. I wanna help others
  12. I use to belong first responders, still do..kind of
  13. I love fast cars and bikes
  14. I love to drive fast
  15. I do love clothes and fashion
  16. but i enjoy to wear old jeans and just some skirt
  17. I´m a makeup artist
  18. I have worked so weard jobs, one was go go girl.. Have to tell you, it was fun!
  19. I think many times, well i dont know how to say it in English, kaksimielisesti. Like i found some "dirty"thougs in sentences?
  20. I dont feel natural in place, which is full of woman. I really dont know, what i suppouse to talk? Like nursing, what i did.. and coffebreaks..omg.. I think that is becouse i had father as a truck driver, and I enjoyd to be with him..So thanks dad??
  21. I´m romantic
  22. in next moment im not
  23. You can call me anytime and i´m there for you
  24. I love my own freedom, even i´m in realitionship
  25. Love to travel
  26. I´m provocation grazy... to much ;)
  27. I´m strong by my nature
  28. but sencitive also
  29. i love to push limits
  30. I love people and life
  31. I can be dramagueen.....
  32. For my love and my friends, i´ll do anything
  33. I love Italian food
  34. I love to zumba
  35. I love dancing!
  36. and writing..
  37. I´m a dreamer
  38. sometimes i do things, and think later....good and bad :D
Ok, that´s it for now.. I have fight with my computer and i really need brake!! This is not morning computer.. like me, I´m not morning person..

Have a great day all,

2 kommenttia:

  1. Great list Maarit, it's always wonderful to take a little time for ourselves to write things down about us. I will blog again after Saturday, I just had such a sad thing happen that I didn't want to be negative, so this is why I gave up social media for a little bit... I will be back;)

    1. Thank You Launna:-)
      yes, I read from your blog, that something has happend.
      I wish to you so much strength and Send to you a Big hug.
      Take Care of yourself, and I Will be here!
      When you are ready for Social media, you know that you have friends here.

      With warm, Maarit


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