maanantai 28. toukokuuta 2012

Its over, finally!

After my dad passed away(2years ago), game this stupid, insane and not worth it- fight about Will, money and power, i guess.
There's lot of history that made that even uglier and being tired of sorrow of losing dad, I hired a lawer.
That was the best thing i have done. Couse after long road this came to end. Today. Finally.
I lost my sis during this issue, sadly. I hope that someday we Will contact again someway, somehow.

But now its time to put this all behind once And for all!

I cant tell you, how relieved I am! I cryed 1h for happyness, when my lawer called to me and said that.

Now I'm sitting in my terrace and drinking coffee. Sun is going down and wind is guietly moving leafs in trees,
My 2 dogs are with me, all is good.

Hope you have a great day all

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  1. I think it is so sad when people have issues when someone in their family dies... I have had it happen when my grandmother died, thankfully we got through it:)

  2. :) good! Sometimes we can read from papers that hole family is teared up.. so sad.
    But we are gonna be just fine! :)) Everything has some meaning, i belive...


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