torstai 17. toukokuuta 2012

Ice hocey Fin-Usa

Ok, that game is about to start soon.. Last time Fin lost.. Lets just say Pretty much. And  all "boys" at our livingroom were guiet.

Now im alone at home, going to watch that game. Funny thing is, that i make so much noice alone??? :D

So, let the game begin and good luck Usa, GO FIN!

One thing is candys. Oh well, have to eat  cocoapowder. ;) Im not Desperate, oh no. My sweet thooth is just sooo big, and grocerys are closed today...

Have a nice day all

3 kommenttia:

  1. Haha Maarit, that is cute... about possibly eating cocoa powder... not as tasty as it sounds:) I hope you have an amazing day:)

    1. You should see me now, mouth full of cocoa and screamin: nonono!! Do goal! It is pretty dry..that cocoa powder..:D TG im alone! You have amazind dsy too! :)

    2. Day i ment...this phone is still kind of new to me..


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